Diffuser recipe called Campfire Blend depicting the recipe: 3 drops copaiba, 2 drops Douglas fir, 1 drop cinnamon essential oils

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Campfire Blend #DailyDiffuser

3 drops Copaiba • 2 drops Douglas Fir • 3 drops Cinnamon

This is just too good. You can swap out the Douglas Fir for Siberian if you’d like. Did you know Copaiba is the oil of unveiling old wounds, pains, or lessons from our past? Which I know probably sounds like a real barrel of monkeys, but it’s also necessary to unpack some of that old stuff in order to move onto the new. Douglas Fir is also about our past and our upbringing, and pulling forward from the wisdom and lessons it offered us. Cinnamon is about body acceptance, self-acceptance, and freedom from physical oppression or embracing our sexual awareness. So this blend will be great to work with as you’re doing some deeper healing work around these types of issues.