Holiday Joy Essential Oil

(The Holiday Blend)

Learn how to use Holiday Joy essential oil for physical and emotional uses, harmony, warmth, energy, and more.

How to Use Holiday Joy Essential Oil: Emotional and Physical Uses, Affirmations, Precautions, Recipes, Tips, for Holiday Joy

The Emotional Benefits:

  • The oil of joyful celebration
  • The oils in the blend address harmony, warmth, energy, fun, comfort, and love between generations
  • Also addresses healthy boundaries or overgiving, defensiveness, and stress
  • Pretty much perfect for family gatherings around the holidays, as well as releasing old patterns of resisting celebrations

Affirmations to Use with Holiday Joy:

  • Even though these events have stressed me out in the past, I’m at peace with who I am and love, honor, and respect myself.
  • I take the good we each have to offer, and easily release the things that used to bother me.
  • Why is it so easy for me to celebrate and experience joy comfortably?
  • I/This is worthy of celebration. Life is good, I am safe, and all is well in my world.

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Cool Stuff About Holiday Joy Oil

Holiday Joy is the scent of the holidays in a bottle. It’s usually available as a limited time purchase during the holiday season, so stock up when it comes around in November.

Holiday Joy Ingredients: Siberian Fir, Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Cassia, Douglas Fir, and Nutmeg essential oils with Vanilla Absolute.

Other Health Benefits:

  • The oils in this blend are also helpful for: circulation, immune support, joint health, and more
  • Makes a perfect air freshener for the holidays

How to Use Holiday Joy Essential Oil:

  • Aromatic
  • Topical
  • Internal
  • Use up to 5-8 drops in your diffuser.
  • For physical uses, dilute and apply to area of concern.
  • For emotional uses, dilute and apply to down the spine or on the bottoms of the feet.

Precautions: Avoid the eyes, inner ears, or other sensitive areas, unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. Watch for skin sensitization. If irritation occurs, do not add water; apply Fractionated Coconut or other carrier oils and wipe off. Use mindfully during pregnancy.

Holiday Joy Essential Oil Recipes (Click to View)

How to Purchase Holiday Joy

Holiday Joy essential oil is only available seasonally. Instead:

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