How To Use A Holistic Approach To Create A Profitable Business Without Burning Yourself Out

The Top 7 Books on Habits + The Best Order To Read Them

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What Is “Mindset”? (A Mindset Definition That Makes Sense)

What is mindset? Let’s go over a plain speak definition of mindset, some mindset examples, why your mindset matters and in what areas of life, and the importance of mindset work, including clearing up some myths and misunderstandings (that are frequently misused).
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30 Self-Care Ideas To Do in 30 Seconds or Less

I have a list of 30 self-care ideas that are simple and can take as little as 30 seconds, including some self-care tips and coaching to help you get the most out of them.
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Advice I’d Give to New Entrepreneurs After 20 Years Self-Employed

Someone asked me recently what advice I’d give to new entrepreneurs, having been one myself for 20 years now. It all boils down to consistently focusing on these 2 things.
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Don’t Know What You Want? DO THIS! (How to Know What You Want in 3 Steps)

“What do I want?? I don’t know what I want! I don’t even know what’s for dinner!” ← Sound familiar? Watch this video for a 3 part exercise to learn how to know what you want, how to know what you want FIRST (in case you have lots of ideas), and your first steps to making it happen. Because if you want to figure out how to change your life, it starts with knowing what you want your life to actually be.

How to Get Out of Your Head (AND GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY) So You Can Take Action

Can’t get out of your head? Making lots of plans but not making progress? Self-sabotage much? Here’s what you need to do.

How to Change Your Life With A Personal Development Plan

You wanna know how to design your life? Let’s talk about how to create a personal development plan that helps you figure out how to change your life, stay on track, and actually reach your goals and create something you’re proud of.
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7 Money Mindset Books That Will Change Your Life

Let’s talk about money books! Specifically money mindset and how to change your relationship to (and your habits around) money forever.
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I Tried Meditating Daily for 365 Days…Here’s What Happened | What Does Meditation Do?!

I tried meditating for 365 days in a row…it was difficult, then easy, then it was TRIPPY, then it was…well, I just let you watch.
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Can’t Maintain Your Morning Routines or Healthy Habits? DO THIS ASAP.

Ever crafted your perfect morning routine, only to not stick with it? Or figured out the exact healthy habits you needed to hit your goals, only to break them within days or weeks? There’s a very simple reason we keep breaking habits, and a very simple solution
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7 Reasons They Criticize Your Goals, Hard Work, or Success

Here are 7 reasons why they criticize your goals, and understanding what’s actually behind their words is the first step to handling criticism.


How To Use A Holistic Approach To Create A Profitable Business
Without Burning Yourself Out