Breakthrough Boss® Inner Circle: A Mindset Course for Female Entrepreneurs

For the female entrepreneur who wants to make 100k but feels stuck as ****

Ever had the sneaking suspicion that YOU are what’s holding you back from your $100k goals?

Like...ya got all the ideas, make all the plans, write out the to-do lists...but instead wind up:

✓ Arguing with Impostor Gremlins #whothehellamI
✓ Playing (and losing) the Comparison Game
✓ Mastering the “Ready-Aim”, but never the FIRE
✓ Barely keeping your head above water cuz #thejuggleisreal
✓ And despairing over your bank (not-such-a) statements

Working working from coffee shop

And when it’s actually time to share your prices, launch your new product, or (eek) send a sales email…

Ahhhhh…your pounding heart, sweaty upper lip, and the overwhelming taste of bile in your throat botch your best efforts.

So your offer just keeps missing the mark. 

No sales, def no 6 figures…just crickets.

Cuz after all, it’s hard for clients and customers to feel confident in what we’re selling, when we don’t feel all that confident ourselves.

If any of this sounds begrudgingly familiar…

I get it. You’re not crazy.
And you’re not alone.

Hey boss lady, my name is Tara Wagner and I’ve been there too.

I started as an entrepreneur way back in 2000, as a self-employed Licensed Massage Therapist for a couple years and then scaled my small practice to a business that contracted upwards of a dozen other LMTs doing in-home spa parties and offering massage to locals in their home, as well as tourists in their hotels. 

Suddenly I found myself working 16 hour days and making HALF the money.

I had NO IDEA why I couldn’t get past the income ceiling I kept hitting (that wasn’t even paying my bills)…

Hindsight is 20/20 though, and the answer I couldn’t see then is so painfully clear to me now:

I was chasing Bad Ideas Anyway…

Down endless Rabbit Holes of Desperation or Distraction…

All in an effort to avoid the things I was too afraid to admit actually scared the living bejeezuz out of me.

While other companies were snatching up big casino or convention contracts, and banking the 6-7 figures to prove it…

I was doing the same little things over and over – like tweaking my website – and hoping for better results. 

After 8 years, some massive burn out, and creating too many chronic health issues to list…

I finally threw in the towel. 😞

I remember the day clearly…

I had pulled my husband into our bedroom, sat him on the end of the mattress, and sobbed with my head buried in the pillow and my heart breaking in two as I spoke the words…

I was a fraud.

My business was bleeding money

I couldn’t hack it anymore. 

And it was killing me.

Every little failure was just eroding any belief that I had what it took.

Every month was just delaying the inevitable.

I made my case to him that closing up shop would actually result in more income, since I wasn’t making any now anyway, and could instead just resign myself to staying home and growing food or clipping coupons.

Really, I was just looking for someone to give me permission to abandon ship.

And so within 5 days of that humiliating admittance of defeat…

I did.

I sold the business I had spent 8 years building for a measly $1000 (more profit than I’d seen in months) and walked away with my tail between my legs and a long list of reasons why it was beyond my control. 

Truth is…it was entirely within my control. 

That business had needed a BOSS.

A bold, confident, fun-loving boss who understood her value (but didn’t confuse it with her self-worth), knew she could learn or figure out anything that came her way, didn’t give two sh*ts what others thought of her and her “inexperience”, and wasn’t about to let fear waste her time. 

It needed a boss who had the mindset capable of growing a 6 figure business. 

Because here’s what I came to find out too late…

Our results will always be influenced and/or diminished by our approach

Our approach is controlled by the undercurrent of our emotions and thoughts

And because of that…

No business can grow bigger than its owner.

It was because of my blindness to my own undercurrent of thoughts and emotions (which was bordering on riptide) that I was wasting time, money, and energy on all the wrong things.

And I wasn’t being the boss my business needed.

So I spent the next few years after that humbling failure figuring out “how” to be that woman.

Speaking of the "how"...any of this sound familiar?

  • The mindset quotes are inspiring but HOW…how do I actually ‘be brave’, ‘put myself out there’, or ‘let go of my fear’? Like…what does that actually look like when I feel so stuck?
  • What do I actually need to DO on a daily, weekly, occasional basis to get out of my own way and make $100k (without rhyming like a dork)?
  • I’m using all the affirmations in the world, but I still feel like a hot mess when it comes time to face the scary stuff on my plan. Why isn’t it working?
  • How do I get myself to stop self-sabotaging…when I keep sabotaging my efforts to stop??
  • And is this all hype and placebo? I don’t want to sound like a 80’s motivational cassette tape here. Am I wasting my time on fluff and woo-woo? Is it really possible to overcome fear, or should I just accept that this is who I am

This was all me, btw.👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

I knew I NEEDED to “uplevel my mindset” but my Inner Skeptic was criticizing EVERYTHING I tried to do and kept getting in my way. 

I wanted to change how this brain of mine worked, how it kept hijacking my goals… 

I just didn’t want to burn sage, or dance naked under a full moon to get there. 

I was obsessed…not crazy.

Thankfully, it was this obsession that led me to discover my "Breakthrough Formula".

You see, I was reading every self-help book, trying every mantra and meditation…

And all of it was wasting my ever-loving time. 🙄 

I knew I HAD to figure this stuff out; I didn’t have a choice…

I couldn’t keep living with a 700lb weight of despair telling me there was “just something wrong with me”, and that I simply didn’t have what it took to create a better life for myself.

So I dove in deeper…

I devoured all I could on human psychology and behavioral sciences…

I studied every form of spiritual and personal development I could find…

But it wasn’t until I was reading this old book on communication that something started to click.

This book was talking about how to communicate with other people in ways that avoided conflict…

And I had the thought, “could I avoid these mindset conflicts within myself by doing something similar?

It was a bit of a leap.

But I tested it…

And it was helping!

I was finally able to understand why I was feeling the way I felt, and how to change those emotions, so that I could do what I wanted to do!

It was so exciting!

But something was still missing…

You see, sometimes I just couldn’t get myself to do the exact things I KNEW would solve the problems.

Like…I knew exactly what I needed to do…

But I’d just…avoid it. 🤷‍♀️ 

It was classic self-sabotaging…

Resisting the very things I knew would help.


“Why the hell can’t I just do the damn thing?! What’s wrong with me that I can sit here and look right at it, KNOW it’ll help me, but still be unable to take action?!”

And so it was back to the drawing board.

Back to combing through resources…

Back to trying any and everything…

Until one day, I was sitting with my journals and a stack of self-help books…

And it was like a lightbulb went off.

The dots just… connected.

And there it was, right in front of me…

The missing pieces…

Just waiting to finally be put together.

If I took this crazy communication strategy and coupled it with a CBT strategy over here and a muscle memory technique over there and tied it up with this quote I’d heard that had rocked my world… 

And if I arranged them in this particular way….


It became a step-by-step roadmap out of every freaking problem I was facing.

Without even realizing it, all the years of study and testing and frustrating dead-ends and exciting lightbulb moments suddenly snapped into place. 

The Formula was born. And it was WORKING.

Like, really working.

In a matter of months, I was radically changing.

And it was getting easy.

I was bolder, braver, more comfortable in my own skin.

Suddenly I was doing “crazy”, bold things I couldn’t do before… 

Like selling all our earthly possessions to travel the US full-time…

Or tackling my fear of love to (finally) develop a thriving marriage with my husband…

Or addressing my parenting triggers to stop yelling at my child and start being the mom he needed.

It was incredible.

But then the real test came:

I needed to apply my new Breakthrough Formula to my next business idea.

You see, I was raised by an entrepreneur…

It’s in my blood. 

And after 2 years out of business, I was itching to try my hand again but…

Could the Formula hold up against my fears of inadequacy and my history of failure telling me I was going to bomb again? 

Would it finally allow me to stop worrying I was a fraud?

Would it help me overcome my blocks around sales, success, or money so I could finally have some of all 3?

Turns out, it would. 👇 👇 👇

  • I used my new Formula to overcome my Impostor Syndrome, gain confidence in myself, and stop procrastiworking in order to launch a green living website, then a parenting coaching practice with over 1.5 million monthly page views between them, replacing my husband’s income within a year, and allowing him to be a full-time parent to our tween son while we traveled the US in a RV full-time. 
  • I then used the Formula to overcome my fear of public speaking in order to become the “guest expert” on the Ricki Lake Show’s “Going Green” episode. With just 3 weeks notice, I went from quaking in my boots at the mere thought of being in front of a live audience with millions more tuning in…to literally DANCING out on stage, joking with the audience, and getting waved down by Ricki at a green juice bar afterwards and complimented on my work AND my stage presence! 
Tara Wagner with Ricki Lake on and after the show
  • And I used it to tackle my overwhelming fear of SALES, marketing, money, success, and yes… failure, which led me to finally breaking past my 5 figure plateau and creating a multi-6-figure business I loved.

But best of all...I WAS FEELING GOOD.

For the first time in my life, I liked who I was.

I cared for myself. I was making strong decisions.

I was no longer apologizing for taking up space. 

I didn’t mind making mistakes or worry about looking dumb. 

I laughed more. 

I stopped taking sh*t so personally or constantly worrying that others were judging me.

And I loved others easily and better. 

I had more fun.

And now, no matter what life throws my way – from family crisis to world crisis – I feel strong, confident, capable, steady, positive, clear, and unstoppable…

Because I KNOW I’ve got this. 

Because of the Breakthrough Formula, my mindset is on track.

And so am I. 

Cuz the truth is, when you’ve got your head on straight, you can handle (or create) anything.

But then I had to ask myself...

“It’s working for me…

But will it work for others?

So in 2011…

I decided to find out.

I put just a few pieces of the Breakthrough Formula into a little ebook called Digging Deep…

And I sent it out into the world. 

And HO.LY.SMOKES. It was working for them too.👇

And this was with only PART of the Formula. 🤯

For the next 8 years, I sold that ebook to thousands but taught the entire Breakthrough Formula only to a few 1-on-1 clients…

And I watched as it worked for…

  • Mamas I coached who needed to overcome their fears, triggers, and old conditioning so they could be better parents
  • Women I mentored who were so paralyzed by their fears of inadequacy or of “what might happen” that they couldn’t start or scale businesses they loved
  • And time and again for the female entrepreneurs who (like me) needed to get their sh*t together, get out of their own way, play a bigger game, and earn a bigger profit.

Until in Nov 2018…

When I realized I was kinda being a d*ck.

You see, I realized I had a process that worked – really worked…

And I wasn’t sharing the whole thing out of a fear I hadn’t wanted to admit.

A fear of the next level.

And that’s when I knew it was time to put the Formula to work for me again…

Time to confront that fear.

It was time to revamp, expand, and relaunch the ENTIRE Breakthrough Formula as so much more… 

More than a quickie ebook…

More than one piece of the pie.

I knew I needed to work the Formula again for myself…

So that I could finally get the secrets out of my head and give away every last piece of the Breakthrough Formula that was so radically transforming lives…

Which brings us to why we're both here...

Listen boss lady, I know you’ve got the vehicle and the map for your business already…

You know what you want to do, and what you’re here to do…

But you need the keys to start the damn engine.

That’s what I’d like to teach you…

I’ve put my 10 years of experience coaching women through this Belief Breakthrough Formula…

Into one accessible mindset course for female entrepreneurs.

To teach you exactly how to break through what’s holding you back from reaching $100k and beyond.

And show you how to crush your goals, not your soul.

Allow me to introduce to you...

Breakthrough Boss®

The Step-by-Step Roadmap to Break Through Imposter Syndrome, Uplevel Your Confidence, & Build the Mindset That Will Build Your $100k Business

Breakthrough Boss is 1 part business plan + 4 parts mindset course + 1 part kick in the pants created with one particular woman in mind…

The female entrepreneur who is just as tired as I was of getting in her own way…

(Or allowing something/one to do it for her.)

The boss lady who’s exhausted by the baggage she’s dragging across her business plan…

And fed up with all the fluffy “mindset work” that

The one who wants the freedom + fulfillment she got into business for in the first place…

But who knows it won’t happen until she masters 3 things:

  1. A mindset that makes her unstoppable
  2. The habits that put growth and success on autopilot
  3. And the business plan and approach that accounts and actually works for HER style, HER needs, and her unique circumstances 

This is for you if you're...

A Female Entrepreneur:

You’re building either an online or brick-and-mortar biz, and you’re struggling to get or stay on track due to overwhelm, uncertainty, doubt, fear, or frustrations you can’t get a handle on, and you know it’s time to get out of your own way.

Tired of Wasting Time:

You’re exhausted by your own mental warfare, done being bogged down by fears you know are BS, frustrated by how much time you’ve wasted already, and KNOW your mindset is the biggest bottleneck you need to address to reach your goals.

Craving Practical Mindset Work:

You’re tired of fluff and rah-rah advice that gets you nowhere. You want the nitty-gritty, practical, how-do-I-actually-put-this-into-action-and-get-results stuff…and you’re ready to actually do the work (even if it’s awkward at first – and it totes will be).

Willing to Embrace "Mindset While"...

You see, I don’t actually believe in “mindset first” despite being a Belief Breakthrough/mindset coach. I believe in “mindset while…”. It means I won’t let you delve into your personal development without also taking action on your business, because the best breakthroughs come when we put intention into motion.

But it will NOT be your jam if...


You don’t have a business or aren’t even starting one. These tools are universal, but this mindset course teaches them through the lens of a female entrepreneur.


You’re not willing to take 100% ownership. If you’re pretty sure the stuff you’re struggling with isn’t yours to own, I can’t help you.


You need me or anyone else to convince you the importance of personal development when it comes to your success. This course doesn’t waste any time trying to teach you why you should be doing it – only how to get it done.


You want to “attract” success, instead of earn it. Don’t get me wrong; the serendipity that will happen is fun and magical. But even to the Universe, your actions speak louder than words. Which means you get to put in the work before you “attract” the reward. Basically, this is a mindset course, not a Law of Attraction course. 


You’re struggling with any sort of mental health concerns that would be better served by a therapist or doctor. This work is not a replacement for treatment of depression, anxiety, or any other diagnosable condition that requires medical care. (It could actually make some of that worse by digging into stuff you’re not in the right place to delve into yet.)

So with that outta the way, let's talk about what you can expect...

With the Breakthrough Boss tools and strategies you will finally learn how to:

  • Curb your favorite forms of self-sabotage and your most obnoxious limiting beliefs, so you can feel, act, and finally become the confident 6 figure boss you’re itching to be
  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome and that annoying gremlin telling you you’re not good enough, so you can start playing bigger – and without apology
  • Master your Scarcity Monsters, and stop feeling funny about money (and sales) so you can earn more of both and actually feel proud about making a damn good living AND a difference
  • Break through your own glass ceilings of self-worth and entrepreneurial potential, so your life and business can reach levels you barely allow yourself to daydream about now
  • Snowball your motivation, focus, and momentum, so you can overcome the overwhelm, procrasti-working, and Shiny Object Syndrome, and get the right things done (you know, the things that actually pay your bills)
  • Ditch your fear of failure, fear of success, fear of what others will think, fear of public speaking, or literally any other fear pattern lurking in your brain, so you can step up your game, pull out all the stops, and blow your 6 Figure goals out of the water

Curious how we’ll do this? 

Let’s look at what you’ll be mastering…

Module 0


One of the top reasons you haven’t crushed your goals yet (or why you feel so crushed by them) is because you’ve been creating them all wrong. In this module, you’ll:

  • Stop setting goals for your ego, your mama, or your long list of “should’s” and finally figure out what/how much YOU want, so you no longer have to jumpstart your motivation like Bella’s rickety dirt bike (don’t front; you know you read those books too)
  • Learn the ins and outs of what a 7 figure mindset looks like (cuz why stop at 6?) so you know how to think, talk, and tackle your biz like a real boss from Day 1 while avoiding any more costly mistakes
  • Learn my crafty method of creating long-term financial goals that don’t make you feel sleazy, small, or hopelessly delusional, plus how to reverse engineer a map to get you there faster
  • Speaking of maps, I’ll also show you why eating an Elephant “one bite at a time” is Bad News Bears, and teach you my unique approach to a 90 Day Roadmap that eliminates the overwhelm so you can finally #crushyourgoalsnotyoursoul 

By the end, you’re going to have your very own actionable, step-by-step 6 Figure Business Plan, so that we can move on to tackling the mindset that’ll take you there.


Master Your Mindset:
The Foundations and Formula That Will Rock Your World

In this module of your mindset course, I dispel some MAJOR mindset myths and really terrible advice that’s been stalling you out with cold, hard facts and a bit of a loving smackdown. By the end, you’ll:

  • Understand the 4 pillars of Belief Breakthrough, plus 4 things about your mind you’ve never been told, in order to stop spinning in your hamster wheel and finally get your breakthroughs
  • Learn my entire Breakthrough Formula in under 20 min (versus YEARS it took me), including the 5 layers of your mindset that CANNOT be ignored and MUST be addressed every.single.time you encounter a block, challenge, fear, or obstacle in your biz, so you stop getting stopped by things you’re not seeing
  • Know the truth behind 3 of the most damaging mindset myths floating around these days, so you’re no longer getting slowed down by BAD ADVICE
  • And know how to use my secret weapon to make the whole dang process easier, faster, and even more appealing – especially if you struggle with motivation or self-discipline to follow-through

Prepare to have your mind (and all its misconceptions) blown. This module is known for that.

Module 2

Conditioning Your Best BOSS Self

This is the favorite module, by far, and possibly the most important. I’ll be teaching you one of the BEST and FASTEST mindset tools to radically rewrite your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, triggers, actions, and reactions. Here’s what you’ll do in module 2 of the mindset course:

  • You’ll learn my powerful 3 minute morning ritual, called Your Best Boss Self (YBBS), including how to develop your own personalized version, so you know exactly when and how to “uplevel your mindset” even when you don’t have time 
  • You’ll finally understand what’s been missing from your mindset work all this time and how to incorporate the 3 most important keys to overcome things like your fear of not being “good enough” 
  • No more blindly trying to “grow your mindset” but not really knowing how and which direction to head. You’ll know exactly who you need to be and how to get there. And yes, it really does only take 3 minute a day to radically transform yourself into a badass biz queen 

By the end, you’ll feel energized, excited, unstoppable, and 100% ready to take on all those powerful plans you created in Module 0.


Digging Deep (and Reprogramming) What’s Actually Been Holding You Back

This is where you go deep to find out what’s really getting in your way. Spoiler alert: it’s not you! It’s just some old programming, like a bad string of code, and I’ll show you how to find the culprit. Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

  • You’ll understand what’s actually getting in your way (it’s NOT your thoughts), so you stop wasting time trying to fix the wrong things
  • You’ll know how to use your brain’s own stubbornness against itself, so you can get to the solutions faster
  • You’ll learn my 3 step Digging Deep Process to identify your ACTUAL unhelpful beliefs (there’s a 97% chance it’s NOT what you think), so you stop drudging up the past and get on to the fun stuff
  • And you’ll finally pull the plug on your fear, so it stops shocking the crap out of you when it’s time to flip on the marketing machine  

This is the real-est of reals. Powerful, sometimes intense, and dazzlingly transformative. Be ready for Aha Moments you didn’t know were possible.


Rebuilding Your Mindset From the inside out

In this module, you’ll build on what you started in the last. I’ll show you how to take the old thorn that’s been stuck in your side, and remove it for good. You’ll be hardwiring in a new line of code like Sauron’s Ring (the one belief to rule them all). Here’s what you’ll be learning:

  • How to get your old, unhelpful belief to let its guard down, so you can slip out of its chokehold, and free yourself for good
  • Why “affirmations as usual” won’t do a damn thing, and what to use instead to change the way you think, feel, and handle your biz 
  • How to use my unique anchoring and re-patterning process, called The Brainwash, so you can create a new knee-jerk reaction to stress, negativity, or challenges and leave people asking why you’re always so “together”

This is the inner work we all get to do…but done in a way that actually DOES something.


Rebuilding Your Mindset From the OUTSIDE In

Here’s where we shift gears and learn to put your mindset on autopilot, so you’re not working so hard to stay on track. Because we don’t become masterful only by what we think and feel. We become masterful by what we DO with it. In this module of the mindset course, I’ll teach you: 

  • How to makeover the external triggers that keep tripping you up (without forcing, fighting, or kicking people out of your life)
  • How to upgrade your daily habits and create Success Systems that do the work for you – instead of you constantly working hard to make progress only to slide back again
  • The real-life strategies to solve the triggers, challenges, or opposition you might be facing – because is there anything worse than finally not stopping yourself…only to get stopped by something or someone else?

Think of this like the KonMari method for the rest of your life, all to help you KEEP your head on straight as you reach (and surpass) your 6 fig goals.


Mastering Your Ability to Stay on Track

This is the part of the mindset course where you pull it all together, and I show you how to keep it that way. In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand why it’s actually normal to go gung-ho for weeks (or maybe just days) only to fall off the wagon once again, and how to shut down that rollercoaster ride so you can decrease your downtime and get back to feeling good fast
  • Discover 7 Mindset Reset audios to listen to when you need an Empowerment Injection for your money mindset, confidence, relationships, or biz opportunities
  • And you’ll get my super simple Weekly Alignment Tool, so you stay on track and never fall stagnant again

Basically, this module ensures this mindset course won’t be a fun-thing-you-did-that-one-time that you forget to keep practicing 2 weeks later. It’s a fully fleshed out personal development plan you will know how to stick with for years to come.

Plus, You’ll Have My Support To Ensure Your Success

Enter, The Inner Circle

Need support, have questions, or just want to celebrate all those massive wins you’ll be having between coaching calls? You’ll be in our private FB community with me and others by your side every step of the way, offering feedback on your work, and making sure you’re rocking this thing.

This means you’ll have the support and encouragement to hold you accountable, spot what you might miss, and help you see more of what you’re capable of. We’ll be cheering you on and celebrating with you all along the way. 

Kim Feeney

“Before starting the Breakthrough Boss, I was struggling to ask for referrals and build my family counseling practice due to a lack of confidence and fear of putting myself out there.

Within just a few weeks of starting the course, everything started changing. I started feeling comfortable talking to parents and teachers, and asking for referrals, thanks to the work I was learning in the course. And now within just a couple months, and for the first time ever, my practice is fully booked and SOLD OUT! I feel more confident and empowered than ever before, and finally feel like the expert I am when I talk about what I can do.

If you’re on the fence, I’d tell you to DO IT!! It is life changing.”

Kim Feeney, LISW, RPT-S
Butterfly Beginnings Counseling

“My biggest issue [when I started BB] was not finishing anything. I was trying to perfect the crap out of everything and never getting anywhere because of it. I called it procrasti-perfecting!

That’s all changed now. Within 6 weeks of starting the course, I launched an idea I had been putting off into a finished product and started promoting! I trust myself more, I don’t fuss over imperfections now, and I’m able to make things simple, fun, and creative because of it.”

Peti Morgan, Founder
Leveraged Mama

AND I’ll Have Bonuses for You Too:

Bonus #1

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

This masterclass goes through my 8 step process to finally curb Impostor Syndrome. In it, you’ll:
  • Understand the real origins of Impostor Syndrome, why it comes up at the worst times, and why it impacts more women than men so that you can stop feeling ashamed and start using the experience to propel you toward more success 
  • Learn exactly how to approach Impostor Syndrome with specific coaching strategies, so that you can loosen its grip on you and start building a habit of confidence where you used to just feel like a “con”
  • Know how to perfectly incorporate it with the exercises in the Breakthrough Boss so that you can amp up the impact and never look back
Price: $97  FREE
Bonus #2

Scripting For Success

Learn how I use 1 part Law of Attraction + 1 part Law of Focus in a unique daily journal exercise to amp up my mood and “manifest” better results. I’ll show you:
  • What exactly “scripting” is and how it actually works to help you get what you want every single day (no woo-woo here)
  • The 3-5 things I always include in my scripting, why I do things differently than most, and the “levels” to practice to ensure you’re not accidentally sabotaging your own success
  • The warning signs you’re doing it wrong, when to NOT do it, and how to course correct, so you can make sure you’re making progress and not just watsing time
Price: $47  FREE
Bonus #3

Vision Boards That Actually Work

Have you ever cut out a bunch of pretty pictures from a magazine and then stared at it every day wondering, “Now what?” Let me show you a better way to do it. In this class, I’ll show you:
  • Why you should ditch the magazines and what to use instead
  • What to ALWAYS include that literally 99% of people are missing (and why this makes or breaks whether your Vision Board actually gets you results)
  • And how to use your vision board in conjunction with your Breakthrough Formula to make sh*t happen faster (and have a LOT more fun)
Price: $47  FREE
Bonus #4

Supercharge Your Results with Aromatherapy

I’ll show you exactly how essential oils work to “hack” into your limbic system (the emotional center of your brain) and help to rewrite beliefs, triggers, emotional patterns, and more. You’ll understand:

  • The neuroscience behind the pretty smells and how it makes everything you’re doing in the mindset course easier and faster
  • The BEST application/usage technique when it comes to “mindset work”, so you start to get results in just 30 seconds
  • Which category of oils are best for which triggers or mindset needs, so you know exactly what to use from your own stash based on how you’re feeling that day
  • My favorite recipes and oils for things like motivation, confidence, energy, focus, or for handling self-doubt, fear of what others think, Impostor Syndrome and more
Price: $47  FREE
Candida Stamp, Bookkeeper, Mindset Course Graduate

“I came into the Breakthrough Boss mindset course struggling with the confidence to leave my regular job and focus 100% on my own business. I was afraid to leave that security for something I wasn’t sure would work out. I was afraid to reach out to people and tell them who I am and what I do. I didn’t feel like a real bookkeeper.

That’s not the case anymore! I feel like a whole new person after going through it. I notice myself standing taller and speaking with more confidence. I’m no longer timid telling people what I do and marketing myself. It’s given me more momentum too. I’ve been able to do more in my business in the last 90 days than I have the previous two years! And best of all, I finally quit my job!

You should know though, this isn’t some “quick fix” method. It’s a lifetime investment in yourself. It’s for someone who’s really ready for change and ready to put in the work on themselves. Make the time for it. It’s totally worth it.”

Candida Stamp

Cecilia Makinde, Transformation Coach, Mindset Course Graduate
“Before the Breakthrough Boss, I’d already invested heavily in my personal development and mindset, but I was still struggling in a lot of areas. I felt lost and overwhelmed in my business and life and doubted I had what it takes to make my dreams a reality, especially given my caregiver responsibilities and a healthy dose of limiting beliefs.
All I can say is that throughout the course I kept saying to myself ‘Wow I’m so glad I bought this course’ because it truly helped me better understand myself, my needs, and why I was facing the challenges I faced, and it equipped me with extremely practical and tangible steps to overcome them.
Because of the course, I’ve been able to gain confidence, productivity and entrepreneurial skills. I’ve been able to shift challenges I’ve had probably for a lifetime. Because of the work I’ve done, I now have a clear vision, an intentional plan, and most of all, belief in myself. I know I have what it takes to be successful and I’m working toward my vision consistently now.
Cecilia Makinde
Transformational Coach for Female Executives

Just imagine for a sec...

Cuz I know "mindset work" doesn't sound like the fun track to 6 figures.
But what if you stay on the path you're on - what then?
  • What if you keep getting sucked into Shiny Marketing Secrets that promise big results but flop again, because you’re bringing the same headspace to them?
  • What if you keep having arguments with your partner because your business costs you guys more money than it makes?
  • What if you keep watching other people become the “overnight success” while you swallow your tongue when they ask you what you do?
  • What if you continue breaking promises to yourself, and eroding your own confidence, until you finally burn out like I did and throw it all away in soul-crushing defeat?
I don't want that for you either. But what about this...
  • What if you could have so much freaking fun crushing goals, you start to dread Fridays?
  • What if you made 3X, 5X, 10X your current revenue goal, and were able to travel half the year or retire in 10 or give most of it away cuz you had THAT much?
  • What if your confidence became a MAGNET for new biz and your peeps couldn’t wait to pull out their wallets for you?
  • And what if this “6 figure business mindset”…also made you a better partner, a happier partner, a nicer person because you were no longer showing up as your STRESSED self all the time?
What if all that shame and fear of not measuring up, of not knowing how to get out of your way, of not even knowing what's really in your way...

Was just...GONE? What could you do THEN?
Wanna find out?

I know these kind of results seem unlikely from where you sit now...

(And I know that because I spent most of my life in that same lumpy, bedbug-ridden, secondhand Throne of Doubt.)

And here’s the cold hard truth…

The #1 thing you MUST KNOW before you signup for this Inner Circle…


Hopefully I didn’t make you think I was one of those annoying gurus who promised that with “just a few clicks and some happy thoughts” I was gonna make all your dreams come true.

(Maaan, if I could do that, I’d be charging a LOT more. 😉 )

Nope. You're gonna get to put in some WORK.

Because unlike the Fluffy Rah-Rah Gurus will tell ya…

You can’t Magical Think your way through this one.

You’re gonna get to commit.

To bring your A game. 

To grow some muscles that’ve withered. 💪🏻 

(Which means picking up the Big Girl weights, not the puny 2 lb-ers.)

But deep breath. Don't worry...I'll teach you how.

(And as a recovering nonconformist addicted to her own drama and without a self-disciplined bone in her body…I might just be the only one qualified enough to do so. 😆 )

Oh, And I'll Even Guarantee It

If you show me you’ve done the work, and you’re not satisfied with the results you’re seeing within 90 days of purchasing this mindset course, I’ll refund you 100%. 

Why? Because *I* know that if you do the work, you WILL get results. 

As for the technical bits...

You get immediate access to the Breakthrough Boss material AND the FB Inner Circle…

The content is delivered via an online portal…

And it’s made to fit any learning style…meaning you can read, watch, or listen, as well as type or print out the Action Guides.

Oh, did I mention you the FB Inner Circle, the Breakthrough Boss material, AND all future updates are yours forever?

And so are your booty-kicking results. 💪🏻 

Ok, let's recap...

We’ve covered a lot, so here’s the super simple List o’ Features of what comes with your Breakthrough Boss experience:

  • The exact formula and specific exercises necessary to uplevel your biz mindset quickly and without the fluff so you can reach your 100k goals, delivered to work for any learning style – it’s like 1-on-1 coaching in a box (Value: $6000)
  • Lifetime access + my full attention in our private FB community to help you crush your goals (Value: $997)
  • The “Ending Impostor Syndrome” masterclass to teach you my specific strategy to tackle the fear of not being good enough once and for all (Value: $97)
  • 3 More Bonus Courses to help you master your mindset and focus, and create easier results, including Scripting for Success, Vision Boards That Actually Work, and Emotional Aromatherapy (Value: $141)
  • Oh and lifetime access to all future updates made to the mindset course or the bonuses too! (Priceless)
(Total value: over $7,000)

Total Value: over $7,000

But naturally, I’m not gonna charge you that…

(Cuz who does that?)

No…I want to make this an experience that pays for itself quickly.

Because just think…I don’t know what you’re earning right now…

Maybe it’s $5k a month…maybe it’s only $1-2k…maybe it’s not even consistently there yet. 

But regardless, I know what your business is WORTH.

After 20 years in business myself and 10 years of coaching and/or collaborating with countless women in myriad industries… 

I know it’s possible for EVERY business to earn a MINIMUM of $10k a month…

IF they have the right approach, strategies, and mindset in place. 

And my #1 goal is that you’re successful in that.

My #1 goal is to help you gain the strategy + the unstoppable confidence to make AT LEAST $10k a month.

That’s $120k a year you could be making…

Once you overcome the blocks in your way.

So just think…if you could turn a $7k investment into a $120k return.

That an 17x return…

And whether you’re running FB ads or betting on the horses or investing in stocks, those are KILLER numbers.

Even if this course was $3k...

That’d still be a smart move with a 40x return.

But I know you’re in a place in your business where $7k or even $3k…EVEN IF it got you a big return from it, would just be too much of a stretch.

And I want to make this possible for you.

I want to give you all the tools + mentoring you need…

At a price point that’s fair but doable…

And I don’t want to do it by cutting corners.

I want to make it something far less than what you’re going to get back from your business once you start taking consistent, confident action…

This means you get everything you need to master the mindset and emotions that have been holding you back…

All the tools to teach you how to get crystal clear and laser-focused so you can reach your goal faster…

And the most effective strategies to get out of your own way and STAY there, so you can start taking MASSIVE action NOW…

With support to keep you going.

Which means you’ll have the 4 things necessary to help you nail it this time:

1) Effective, non-fluffy tools that actually work…

2) Immersion in the right environments…

3) Consistency in the direction, methods, and support…

4) And the mentorship to take you to the next level…

For about the cost of a daily Starbucks habits...

Except how often does a daily coffee habit give you so much in return?

So much clarity because you’re not drowning in doubts, fears, or overwhelm….

So much confidence, finally knowing you’re the right person for the job…

So much motivation, energy, excitement

So much MOMENTUM, despite any of the obstacles in your path…

Because that’s all that’s left when you remove the beliefs telling you can’t, you shouldn’t, or how dare you…

When you realize that even when other people don’t get it…

Even without having all the answers all the time…

Even when you have imperfect human moments…


Sooo what's the investment?

Look, I know investing in yourself like this is gonna feel difficult. 

And I also want you to remember that to get REAL results…

We ALL get to invest.

I invested real energy, and sanity, and TIME…

YEARS just to discovering this Formula and more years to perfect it on myself and my clients.

I spent 10’s of THOUSANDS of dollars I didn’t have on courses, classes, coaches, books, seminars, and therapy alone…

And I LOST even more money in untapped business potential…

When you add it all up – and this is painful to even look at…

It cost me 100’s of thousands before I finally figured this out.

Which is the true cost of you NOT doing this now…

So would you rather…

❌ Keep reading every flipping self-help book known to woman and still wind up right back where you are after the last chapter

❌ Attend a dozen seminars that get you amped up for the weekend but get home feeling overwhelmed and unsure of yourself and unable to implement again

❌ Spend years in therapy digging into your past, but never moving toward your future

❌ Buy a dozen biz courses that you never follow-through on because you’re too afraid to pull the trigger

❌ Subscribe to every YouTube channel, email list, and podcast on mindset just hoping something finally clicks 

❌ Keep repeating all the affirmations that make you slightly motivated at best but do nothing to change the way you think, feel, or take action

And slowly erode your own belief in yourself that you have what it takes – just like I did – until one day you ask yourself if it’s even worth it anymore, and the answer that comes back is, “not anymore”

(Oh man, I so want to help you never have that dark night of the soul moment. 😞)

Or would you rather cut right to the chase...

✅ And gain lifetime access to all the best Breakthrough tools to clear your roadblocks, master your emotions, create real clarity, and get out of your own way INSTANTLY

✅ Learn how to set achievable goals, master your business plan, and finally be ready and able to take action TODAY

✅ Get massive clarity and a true game plan, knowing exactly what to do and HOW, so you can crush your goals, not your soul RIGHT AWAY

✅ Receive lifetime access to the Inner Circle FB group to come back to anytime, over and over, keep learning and growing, stay motivated and never feel alone or crazy again IMMEDIATELY 

✅ Plus grab all the bonuses listed above to take everything you’re doing to the next level ASAP

And not for $7,000 (a 17x return)...

Not for $3,000 (a 40x return)…


I’m going to teach you how to crush your goals (not your soul) in 7 weeks and for the price of a daily Starbucks habit.

A habit that will pay you back in spades with a 120x return.

Sara Binde, Mindset Course
“Before I started this, I was struggling with getting myself out of my lows, creating goals and sticking to them, confidence, and negative self-talk. I wasn’t following through on my plans the way I wanted to. I wasn’t talking to myself the way I wanted to. I wasn’t confident in myself, and I didn’t know exactly how to build it.
Not anymore. Because of BB, I am more confident, mentally strong, optimistic, thankful and happy. I’m more compassionate toward myself and others.  I thought I was a problem-solver before, but this course has taken it up a notch (or five!). I’m proud of the way I handle overwhelm or frustrations now.
I also now have a 5 year plan that’s broken down into quarterly, monthly, even daily action steps. And I have seen huge biz growth percentages from before; my revenue has nearly tripled over the last months, due to the course.
This course is a 10/10. I’ve had issues with my mindset for years and now I finally have the tools I need to move forward and grow. Tara has set me on the path to thinking in a totally different way that’s helped me not just to overcome mental hurdles, but also relationship hurdles, career hurdles, and decision hurdles.”

Sara Binde
Plant-Based Nutrionist

The Breakthrough Boss mindset course is perfect for any female entrepreneur that’s feeling stuck, overwhelmed and having a hard time moving forward but can’t figure out why. For anyone that knows they have the skills to be successful in their business but struggle to implement them. For anyone that feels they can’t balance life, work and their own self care. Anyone that’s ready to up their mindset game, uplevel their best self and actually accomplish their goals. 

As a business owner who also lives with a chronic illness, I was struggling with overwhelm, being disorganised but trying to make too many changes at once and not sticking to them, trying to figure out how to move forward in my life but feeling huge resistance and overwhelm of not being able to start. Feeling out of control and unable to stick to the beneficial habits I wanted and remove the not so great ones. I felt like I didn’t know where to start, what change to implement first, how to do it without putting too much on myself. 

Because of what I learned in this mindset course, I’ve let go of the guilt and shame I felt around my illness and health. Instead of getting frustrated that things weren’t happening fast enough,  I’m now building things up sustainably, have clarity of the things I want, need, feel, and not only the changes I want to make, but HOW to make them. I’ve learnt to stop being so hard on myself, to focus on my needs and actions and why I’m feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or resistant and how to break that down and make small changes, and I have a clear path forward. 

If you’re considering this mindset course I would tell you to not hesitate to try it. It’s been the most important thing I’ve done for my development this year, probably any year! The work is not easy but it’s worth every moment put into it. There were so many ‘ah ha’ moments, so many realisations and it felt like the key to everything I’ve been struggling over and trying to piece together the last couple of years.

Janine Wilkenson
Bar Owner

Here's the thing...

I want to make this accessible for you.

But I don’t want to do it by cutting corners on what you’ll need to be successful.

I’ll be investing HOURS every week in YOU.

Showing up in the FB group to help you with ANYTHING you need…

Coaching you anywhere you need it.

But I can only do that when you first make the decision to invest in yourself.

I don’t want you to not have this.

But I can’t want it for you more than you do.

I know how important your business is to you.

It’s your baby. It’s a part of who you are.

And I intimately know how devastating it is knowing that you’re the one holding it back.

To know that you can’t keep going on like this.

To know that if something doesn’t change…nothing will.

And to realize that you’re about to live the same year over again because of it.

I also know the price feels scary.

But I know it’s WAY LESS scary than the risk of doing nothing…and going nowhere.

It’s WAY LESS scary than staying stuck or throwing in the towel like I did.

If I can help you prevent that kind of devastation…

If I can help you get out of your own way, so you can make GOOD money and a REAL difference…

Then I’ll do whatever I can to talk you into this.

Because I want to help GOOD women make GOOD money, so they can do GOOD with it.

Again, I know it’s a scary decision.

A leap of faith in yourself…

But think of it like this…

If you needed a $900 engine repair, you’d find a way, yes?

Why? Because it’s important, so you wouldn’t give yourself an alternative.

You’d just figure it out.

Well, this is your $900 business repair.

Except this is one investment that will actually pay you back.

And don't forget my guarantee...

If you do the work, but you can’t get the results…if you’re not feeling better, more confident, taking more action, feeling more clear, and seeing real progress in your business because of it…

(Which is practically impossible unless you just don’t implement ANY of it…)

Then just shoot me an email, even 89 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes from now – showing me that you actually gave it a try and it didn’t work…

And I’ll give you a full refund.

And the only reason I’m doing this is because, like I said, it’s virtually impossible to not see results from the Breakthrough Formula.

And I want to make sure that you know how much confidence I have in it… and more importantly…

How much confidence I have in YOU to succeed with this.

Still though, it’s nice knowing that you have nothing to lose, right?

You’ve heard my story, you’ve seen the results it’s getting for other women, and yet you still get 90 days to try it out yourself.


Breakthrough Boss mindset course is best for entrepreneurs who understand the basics of “mindset” but don’t know why all the stuff they’ve been trying isn’t working. It’s also good for people who need practical, actionable steps and who want to learn how to follow-through. I find my best “students” tend to be about 60% logical and 40% spiritual. They appreciate some “woo” but with 2 feet planted firmly on the ground. It’s definitely good for people who like to “DO”, not just talk or think, but maybe just don’t know WHAT to do. And it’s especially good for anyone who has a sense of humor, doesn’t want to take themselves or this topic too seriously, and is so exhausted by their own crap that they’re willing to get uncomfortable.

This mindset course isn’t good for anyone struggling with mental illness. It goes deep and will undoubtedly uncover stuff you didn’t realize was there, and without the guide of a therapist or counselor, it can be too much for anyone struggling with these things to navigate alone. 

It’s not for people who want to “manifest” success without putting in the work on themselves and their business. (The real magic happens when we first initiate the Law of Action.) It’s not for people who don’t like science and research, but likewise it’s not for people that need 14 double blind studies before they’re willing to experiment themselves.

It’s definitely not for anyone looking for a quick fix. I know no one THINKS that’s them, but if you’re looking for me to solve all your problems, that’s not gonna happen. I’m gonna teach you the formula to solve them yourself, and then teach you how to stick with the process long enough to get results.

It’s a mindset course for business owners designed to help you uplevel the #1 tool in your business: yourself. We’ll delve into deep to your business goals and plan, and undoubtedly talk shop as a group, but the core trainings and primary goal will be to teach you how to stop letting your own psychology and past experiences stop you for taking deliberate, effective, and powerful action on those goals and plans.

Abso-toot-ly. All updates I make are yours too. 

If you’ve literally never tried a single thing when it comes to “mindset work”, you just heard it’s a thing you should explore but aren’t totally sure why, this particular mindset course runs the risk of being too much to start you off. It’s not made for beginners; it was created for those who’ve been around the block but are wondering why they can’t get anywhere.

If you’ve been reading books, trying a few things here or there, and just feeling stuck at the beginning, then the Breakthrough Boss will definitely be your jam. There are some overachievers that could jump in to this level of work from the get-go and knock it out of the park, but you need to know if that’s you. How quick do you pick up on topics like these? How easily overwhelmed are you by things like self-awareness and emotions? Trust your gut.

Well, according to the Bosses who’ve done it, it fills in gaps they didn’t realize they had and that most “mindset” material completely ignores (like human needs or inborn personality and how they play a part in your personal development), clearing up myths that quite frankly blew their mind (such as the incomplete/incorrect teaching that “thoughts create feelings” and how all that actually works), and gave them specific daily mindset routines that actually worked, so that they knew what to DO and could finally make progress.

The commitment is totally up to you. The average time spent on each module is about 4 hours per week, including training, Action Guides, etc. However, you can create your own pace. Some will zoom through it all in one week, then come back and implement one piece at a time. Others will stretch one module out over the span of 2 or more weeks. The most important thing is that you create ONE sustainable schedule and stick to it (this is part of retraining your brain – consistency – and I talk more about it in the mindset course to help you plan your approach to this work so you get the most from it).

Absolutely. Although my audience is about 99% female-identifying, and thus most of my language is specific to those pronouns or titles, this mindset course is open to anyone who resonates with the style of coaching I offer. As long as you can look past being called a “Boss Lady” now and then, and you’re comfortable holding space for and working through this with lots of women, the strategies are still gonna rock your world. 😉

Yup, within 90 days, if you’re not happy with your results, I’ll refund you 100%. But I do ask that you “show your work”, so to speak. I want to see that you’ve actually put in an effort, not that you got cold feet, got lazy, and/or just changed your mind. 

Again, you get the tools, the immersion, the consistency, and the mentoring necessary to succeed, including ...

✅ Lifetime access to all the best Breakthrough tools to clear your roadblocks, master your emotions, create real clarity, and get out of your own way INSTANTLY

✅ Learning how to set achievable goals, master your business plan, and finally be ready and able to take action TODAY

✅ Getting massive clarity and a true game plan, knowing exactly what to do and HOW, so you can crush your goals, not your soul RIGHT AWAY

✅ Receiving lifetime access to the Inner Circle FB group to come back to anytime, over and over, keep learning and growing, stay motivated and never feel alone or crazy again IMMEDIATELY 

✅ Plus grabbing all the bonuses listed above to take everything you’re doing to the next level ASAP

And you get it for a fraction of what you'll be able to earn in your business as a result.

I can't force you to want to be successful, confident, and happy. That decision is up to you.

Look, I can’t keep writing forever.

I can’t FORCE you to make a smart decision and purchase the Breakthrough Boss and get started today.

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

You can either…

A) Ignore everything you’ve seen today…

Like my personal horror story of losing everything, including my health, my sense of self, and my business…

Or the complete turnaround I’ve made from hot mess to true success…

Or how other women are doing the same things as we speak.

You can ignore all of this and simply go on about your day, never knowing what it’s like to be one of the few people in the entire world who know how to master their mindset and their business…

And miss out on the sense of purpose, joy, and abundance you’re meant for.

We both know that’s not a good choice. 

But if that’s the choice you make – to not take action today…

Then there’s no hard feelings – and I wish you all the best.

But just think about what life will be like a few months from now if you say "yes" to becoming a Breakthrough Boss...

Imagine the next time you’re up on a stage, or doing an interview, and you don’t feel nervous AT ALL

Or having sales convos where you’re totally at ease, feel great about your pricing, and confident in your ability to deliver…

Or finally reaching $100k+ in your business, and taking your family for an epic vacation to celebrate how far you’ve come…

Or doing so well you can hire an assistant to take off your plate all the little stuff that drains you so you can spend more time in your Zone of Genius, or work fewer hours…

The truth is, 12 months from now, if you can’t figure out how to do all 4 of these things…

If you’re still struggling with the same frame of mind you’re struggling with now…

And you wind up repeating the same year you just had…

You’ll probably think back to this moment when you had the opportunity to become a Breakthrough Boss and make it all so much easier than its been…

Or even worse, God forbid, you’ll do what I did and throw in the towel assuming you “just don’t have what it takes“.

And then won’t you think back to this moment…

When you had the chance to invest in yourself…

Which would’ve given you access to all the tools and mentoring you could possibly need to be a true version of success, inside and out …

And feel just a little bit of regret that you didn’t try the Breakthrough Boss instead?

Won’t you feel more than a little dismayed that instead of living a brand new year…you just lived the same year over again?

If the answer is even a “maybe”…

Then I would strongly encourage you to take the MUCH smarter Option B

Which is to say “YES” to the Breakthrough Boss right now…

Your decision to uplevel today is covered by a 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

So you truly have nothing to lose…

And an entirely new life, mindset, and business to gain.

I can’t make the decision for you.

But I trust you’ll make the right one for your business.

Thanks for spending your time with me here today and reading through all this…

Thanks for even considering working on yourself…

(Your future clients and customers thank you too.)

And I look forward to hearing about your success using the Breakthrough Formula you’ll be mastering within the Breakthrough Boss.

See you on the inside,


I came to the Breakthrough Boss mindset course feeling really uninspired and headed toward hopeless about ever being able to make a consistent income in my business. I struggled with being stuck with making sales, offering what I want to clients and consistently putting myself out there. 

There are so many things this course helped me do: stop focusing on my stressors and worries, feel worthy of my prices and confident in the value of the work I do, release my fear of “failing”, put together a coaching offer that I LOVE, and start SELLING.

Honestly, this is the only place to go if you want to overcome mindset blocks. Do whatever you can to give yourself the ability to truly deep dive into it. You won’t regret it. 

Nicole Moorey
Emotional Wellness Coach

“Before the course I was on a path doing work that, while it had meaning to me, I realise now I wasn’t fully aligned with. On the surface I was doing something I felt passionate about, but I was frequently having to recommit and redecide and ultimately it was draining my energy and leaving me feeling unfulfilled. 

Through the work I’ve done in this mindset course, I’ve uncovered exactly what it is that I’ve felt has been missing. I’ve made some huge life decisions – and literally in the last month and a half, things have gone NUTS in areas of my life I never dreamed would have been so significantly impacted: career, relationships, finances and plans for the future are all looking so much brighter. 

I’ve had the confidence to let go of what isn’t serving me and give myself permission to pivot onto a path that feels totally aligned with me and what I want. 

I’m no longer holding myself back and trying to do something because I “think it’s the right thing”. I’m feeling empowered to “do the crazy thing” and it’s already paying off.” 

Kezia Thomas
Health and Wellness Coach

Tara has a tremendous ability to teach you how to cut through the layers of BS, dig deep into what is really going on and then provide practical actionable steps to move forward. Her depth of understanding is impressive and her approach to free yourself from where you are stuck draws from a trunk of tools that are fun and doable!

Michelle Frost

MORE About Tara Wagner

I’m the Breakthrough Coach for female entrepreneurs ready to overcome their limiting beliefs and bad habits, and uplevel their mindset and approach, so they can #crushtheirgoalsnottheirsoul.

With 10 years experience with Belief Breakthrough Coaching, and 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, I’m known for practical, actionable, step-by-step guidance and realistic, down-to-earth approaches that actually work in real life and biz. I’m also known for making a deep, messy topic a lot more fun, and helping you not take it all too seriously, with side orders of a swift-kick-in-the-butt (delivered with love) and the occasional soapbox of inspirational preachin’ that always seem to contain the exact words you need to hear to get moving.

And hey, I know a mindset course like this comes with doubts. “Is it legit? Is it all fluff? Is it just ME that this stuff doesn’t work for?” Yes, no, and nope. That’s why I do what I do.

I want you to finally see that the only difference between you and “those successful women over there” is NOT that they have it all together; it’s that they have better tools to handle the smack-talking BS we all between our ears. I want to give you those tools. And I want to support you as you learn how to use them. 

There are a lot of ways you can invest in your business, but they all work better when we invest in the person who needs to execute on all those plans. (That’s you, boss lady. It’s your turn to uplevel.)

If you’re ready to stop getting in your own way, take the leap to becoming a Breakthrough Boss. 


A Legit Earnings Disclaimer: This mindset course will help you with the psychology needed to make money in your biz. But it won’t fill the gaps of a poorly constructed business, a lack of deliberate and correct action, the need for mental health care, or other potential needs. I can offer no guarantees that you, your mindset, or your business will be successful. That’s 100% up to you. All I can offer you are the most powerful tools I’ve found to overcome the biggest obstacle most of us face: ourselves. Be sure you read the full disclaimer below.