Blue Tansy Essential Oil

(Tanacetum annuum)

How to Use doTerra's Blue Tansy Essential Oil

How to Use Blue Tansy Essential Oil: Emotional and Physical Uses, Affirmations, Precautions, Recipes, Tips, for Blue Tansy

The Emotional Benefits:

  • The oil of inspired action
  • Connects you to your motives, your Why, and your passion
  • Increases mental energy, commitment, and purpose
  • Great for procrastination, avoidance, and resistance toward your goals and dreams

Affirmations to Use with Blue Tansy:

  • Even though I feel resistance toward my goals, I choose to take action anyway.
  • Even though things come up and setbacks happen, I easily stay connected to my goals.
  • Why is it so easy for me to connect to my intrinsic passion and motivation?
  • I am capable of making change and creating amazing outcomes, and I choose to own that now.

Learn more about how Emotional Aromatherapy works.

Cool Stuff About Blue Tansy Oil

Blue Tansy is a yellow flowering plant, however the oil is blue and will leave a slight blue stain on your skin immediately after use, fading over a short time. If you dilute the oil, there is no stain to the skin at all! #likemagic

Other Health Benefits:

  • Great for reducing the appearance of skin imperfections and blemishes
  • Add to anti-aging moisturizers or recipes
  • Calming to the skin when applied topically
  • Also helps some aches and pains, head tension, etc

How to Use Blue Tansy Essential Oil:

  • Aromatic
  • Topical
  • Internal
  • Use up to 5-8 drops in your diffuser.
  • For physical uses, dilute and apply to areas of concern.
  • For emotional uses, apply to solar plexus or other energy centers, pulse points, or back of neck.

Precautions: Avoid the eyes, inner ears, or other sensitive areas, unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. Watch for skin sensitization. If irritation occurs, do not add water; apply Fractionated Coconut or other carrier oils and wipe off. Avoid during pregnancy.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil Recipes (Click to View)

How to Purchase Blue Tansy

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