Who Should Read Everything Is Figureoutable? (Marie Forleo Book Review)

Stop Trying to “Reset Your Life”…If You Need to Change Your Life, Do This Instead

Please stop trying to “reset your life”. I know it sounds sexy, but it’s not sustainable, and it’s going to demotivate you when your old habits inevitably take back over. (Not to mention it’s just a clever form of procrastination.) I have a better idea: chip away at it instead.
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“Charge What You’re Worth” is Terrible Advice

I have a real issue with the fluffy “charge what you’re worth” advice for 2 reasons: 1) it’s immature entrepreneurial advice, and 2) you’re still tying your self-worth into what you can earn.

My 6am Productive Morning Routine (for Entrepreneurs)

Curious what a productive morning routine looks like for a successful female entrepreneur? This is how I wake up and spend my first 2-3 hours to start my day off right and meet the needs of my body, mind, and spirit BEFORE meeting the needs of my business.
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17 Tips to Wake Up Earlier (From a Fellow Night Owl)

I’m a night owl, loud and proud. I also get up by 6am (and it’s becoming earlier every day). Here are 17 tips to wake up earlier that I’ve tried, tested, and actually found helpful.
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Top 3 Business Bottlenecks Blocking Your 6 Figure Goals

There are 3 HUGE business bottlenecks that tend to trap us right around the $50-70k mark. In this video, I’m sharing what I’ve seen (and *ahem* experienced)
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WHEN Should You Keep Your Goals to Yourself? | Pros and Cons of Sharing Goals

Did you know the research on whether you should keep your goals to yourself or share them is actually conflicting? In this video, I’m sharing why that is, and when you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T share your goals, including WHO to share them with, and HOW goal sharing can be done effectively.
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4 Must Do’s For CALENDAR BLOCKING to Keep Working

You’re all gung-ho, you lay out your time block schedule, you’re all set to FINALLY get stuff done, and then….it all falls apart. 😫 A few days later, a few weeks later, maaaaybe it lasts a couple months, but you get off track with calendar blocking and it seems like you’re back to square one, right? Yup. This blog is for you.
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How I Get More Done Than You | 7 REAL LIFE Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

I get the question ALL.THE.TIME of how I get more work done than others. Well, THIS is how. I’m sharing 7 time management tips for entrepreneurs – these are all the tried and true things I did to solve my own problem of spinning my wheels with moving nothing forward. 🤷‍♀️
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Too Much To Do? 😩 How to Prioritize When EVERYTHING Seems Important

I get it. You’re busy, and maybe it’s all GOOD stuff (or at least important stuff), but that just makes it harder to figure out how to prioritize any of it. What do you put first when it all matters? So let’s talk about HOW to prioritize when EVERYTHING seems important.
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Feeling Like a Smartphone Addict? How I Broke Up With My Smartphone

As business owners, it’s pretty hard not to become addicted to our smartphones. But how do you break up with a phone you still need to see on a regular basis? Here’s how I did it with 7 rules for fellow smartphone addicts.