A Year In a Day

Create your 365-Days of Content in Just 5hours or Less

Don't Let Content Creation Stress You Out, Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

What if you never had to scratch your head wondering what content to write, record, or post…

And you had a smart system to get it created that didn’t take hours every week…

AND it was so well organized you cold pass it off to a VA and kick back and relax?

With A Year In a Day there’s no need to burn yourself anymore….

You’ll learn how to create a well-organized, automated, year-long content marketing plan in less than a day.

Tell me if this sounds like you...

What if there was a way to…


A Year In a Day


I KNOW what it’s like to struggle with limited time and energy, constantly wiping yourself out on the endless hamster wheel of Content Marketing…

But imagine if you had a better system…
Imagine if you spent one day a YEAR, instead of one day (or more) every week mapping out your content…

Imagine if you had energy to spare after writing, recording, or editing…
Imagine using those weekly reclaimed hours to go for a walk or sneak off to a matinee with a friend…

Imagine if your Content Marketing machine could be set up and left to run in the background while you did the parts of your work that you really LOVE.

That’s what A Year In a Day is here to help you do.

Here's the Nitty Gritty....

A Year In a Day is a DIY course that will help you map out, organize and start creating 365 days of Content Marketing in 5 hours or less.

Here’s what it entails 👇:



In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Have the 4 things you MUST have in place BEFORE creating your 365 Content Map
  • Complete the super easy Opposites Exercise to help you determine your content niche and topics if you’re unsure
  • Create the exact number of Content Pillars you need to stand out without watering down your work
  • Know which kinds of content keep working for you long after you create them (so you can save even more time in the future)


Content Farming

In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Avoid attracting the wrong clients or customers with your content
  • Discover the top reasons your content isn’t resonating with your audience, so you know what to fix
  • Save mental energy and stop coming up with content ideas yourself
  • Steal the simple automations I use to find PERFECT content ideas your DREAM audience is chomping at the bit for you to create


Content Brainstorming

This is where it starts picking up steam. In this lesson, you’ll:
  • Discover my one-of-a-kind “Search, Church, and Merch” approach to content planning that brings in new traffic quickly
  • Use the AYID Workbook to discover YEARS of content ideas in just minutes
  • Use my AYID Content Map spreadsheet to organize your endless content ideas for later use (in just minutes)


Your Content Map

And here’s where it all comes together. In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Know which type of content to focus on based on YOUR stage of business
  • Find the right content pattern and calendar that works for you and your bandwidth and ensures your content flows perfectly throughout the year 
  • Plan the best content for your biz around promotions, events, and even vacations, so that you convert more and can relax more
  • And you’ll walk away with 365 days of Content Marketing mapped out and a whole lot of free time in your calendar!

Estimated Value: $197