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How to Stop Living the Same Year Over and Over, and Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

Let's be real...2020 has been a hot mess around the world.

No one wants a repeat of this.

But while we can’t control what happens around us…

We can learn to still make progress despite it.

Your Guiding Word will show you how to start fresh.

It’ll show you how to learn from what Life wanted to teach YOU this year…

So you can stop getting the lesson slammed against your head.

And it'll teach you how to take back your trajectory with just 5 steps and a few hours...

But here's the thing...there are ONLY two kinds of people this is best for:


“I NEED TO SLOW DOWN …LIKE, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.” It’s time to slow your roll when it comes to hard work and invite a little more trust and flow into your life. You’ve gotten good at setting and achieving all the things, but at the expense of your sanity, your health, your family, and your time freedom. You don’t want to do “nothing” when it comes to goals (this is your only life, after all), but your need to find a better way of doing the RIGHT things.


“I’M GOOD AT SETTING INTENTIONS…NOT SO MUCH ON FOLLOW THROUGH.” You’re used to dreaming and scheming, but never really see them go anywhere. You tend to get overwhelmed before you even make progress. And you want to learn how to step it up a notch and get inspired to make some real moves, but “overachiever” is not your cup of tea and you don’t wanna start now. You just need a step up from the “let’s-see-what-happens” approach you’ve been taking so far. 

Basically, if you've been on either end of the goal setting spectrum for too long, Your Guiding Word will help you find the healthy middle ground.

I’ll see you on the other side.



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