Imagine for a moment…

  • The kind of effortless confidence that attracts business like a magnet
  • “Worrying about what others think” never even crossing your mind
  • Feeling like a badass when you show up to network your heart out
  • Nearly-instant clarity on your Next Big Move (or just what to tackle next on the list)
  • No longer second-guessing yourself when it’s time to Play Big or get up on stage
  • #gettingshitdone, but you know, with grace and ease and maybe even some FUN
  • More free time in your week than you know what to do with

And hey, I know you’re not in it JUST for the money, but won’t it be cool to have MORE of it?


I work with capable entrepreneurs who
are tired of getting in their own way.

You know who you are: You’re smart. You’ve got a fair amount of your sh*t together. You love your business (most days). And you know where you want to be and what you need to do (or at least have a decent idea). BUT you’re overwhelmed AF, and not getting any of it done.

You know what it's like:

✓  Annoying self-doubt at the worst possible moment
✓  Distractions for days
✓  Bad (sometimes embarrassing) habits
✓  Energy circling the drain
✓  Other people’s agendas
✓  Lots of busywork, but nothing to show for it
✓  Lack of focus
✓  Too many ideas
✓  Too much to do
✓  Oh, did I mention OVERWHELM?

It’s frustrating isn’t it? I mean, you KNOW you can do it. But you also know you can’t see your own blind spots, you sometimes need a kick in the pants, and although you get that “mindset is key”, you’re still left wondering exactly HOW to go about upgrading yours and in the shortest amount of time possible, pleaseandthankyou.

Which is why you’re here…

If you are…

  • Pretty clear on “what” you want to accomplish in the next 6 months (and parts of the “how”) but need help making sure you do the do and ACTUALLY get there

  • Realizing how you think, feel, act, and react are the real key factors to your success (not the economy, your partner, or “luck”), but aren’t exactly sure “how” to change those patterns and want to make that process as painless as possible

  • Tired of the entrepreneurial roller coaster (emotional ups and downs, anyone?) and are ready to feel like a badass

  • Needing someone who isn’t afraid to call you on your BS so you can stop making EXCUSES and finally make PROGRESS

  • Able to (or want to) laugh at yourself, your mistakes, and at life in general

  • And are ready to put in the work (and we’re talking MAJOR makeovers and upleveling here) to take your plans to the next level

And you’d really love to…

  • Overcome the Imposter Syndrome and worry of what others think, so you can start playing BIGGER and magnetize your clients and customers #likeaboss

  • Curb your favorite forms of self-sabotage (including our old friend, overwhelm) so you can SHOW up, SPEAK up, and LEVEL up – in your biz and your life

  • Get organized (for REAL this time), create a personalized plan o’action that works for YOUR life and YOUR style, and actually hit. dem. goals. 💪🏻

  • Build habits around the RIGHT work, ditch the WRONG work, and learn how to outsource the rest, so you can get more done in…you guessed it, less time

  • Slay your Money Monsters and stop feeling sleazy around sales, so you can make more of it (and finally feel good about making a living while making a difference)

  • Build the mindset, the lifestyle, and the routines that WILL help you scale your business WITHOUT scaling your stress…

If you’re screaming, “YES!” like Ol’ Sally in the diner then we might just be a good fit for your goals. #Illhavewhatsheshaving

I teach female entrepreneurs how to break through their real bottlenecks and CRUSH THEIR GOALS, NOT THEIR SOUL.

I bring my 10 years experience as a Belief Breakthrough Coach and 20 years as a business owner to your business, and help you uplevel your game like whoa.

Oh yes, I will get up in yo’ biz.

In 6 months, we’ll completely makeover your mindset, give your daily routines a facelift, and work through your emotional habits (yep, that’s a thing), your time and priority management, and all the roadblocks along the way.

One thing at a time, we will check it off. Together.

If you’ve got a problem, yo, we'll solve it.

Idea machine on overdrive, but not producing results? Covered.
Struggling to find a good VA and learn how to be someone’s boss? We’ll do it together.
Can’t seem to get a handle on your schedule? You bet your buns we’ll solve it.
Freaking the EFF out on the inside? I got you, boo.

Here’s a taste of what
we’ll actually be doing…

Makeover Your Mindset:

We’ll figure out what’s tripping you up from the inside (dat brain!) and I’ll show you how to use my PROVEN Belief Breakthrough Process to transform it in just a few minutes a day.

Fill In The Gaps:

What do you need to get where you’re going? We’ll find what’s missing in your business, your life, even your skills, and how to work it in WITHOUT increasing your work hours.

Master the Plan:

I’ll show you how to make a plan that works for YOU (meaning you can actually stick to it), and solve for any obstacles that come along to slow you down. It will be the Rick Astley of plans. #nevergonnaletyoudown

Overhaul Your Time:

I love time priority management. I’ll show you how to shift your relationship with time so that you can master the art of working smarter, getting more done, but oddly still having more free time than you actually know what to do with. (I’ll leave that awesome little dilemma for you to solve!)

But before you say “I
do”, there are some
things you should know:


I’M A TOUGH COACH; NOT A FLUFF COACH. I will not stand for Playing-Small-Talk. I’ll call you out on every limiting belief I sense. And trust me, I sense them all. It’s basically the Unagi of calling out people’s crap. (Think Ross, not sushi 😂) #ifyouknowyouknow

I don’t hold space for excuses. I take great joy in stretching you out of your comfort zone, and I know how to do it in ways that actually work. So be ready.

I’m with you for 1 out of 168 hours in a week. Meaning: your results are on you, babe. If you wanna see massive outcomes, that means making massive moves of your own. I’ll bring my A-Game to the field, fo sho, but I’m only on the sidelines of your game. You’re the one with the ball. Are you ready to run with it?


My work is 3 parts practical, 1 part spiritual, and 1 part weirdly intuitive. If you like the mix of deep + irreverent, high vibe + very grounded, mature, and logical, we’ll get along great.


My tools include Cognitive Behavioral Strategies, Nonviolent Communication, my own Belief Breakthrough, a metric shit ton of experience, and even some Emotional Aromatherapy, if you’re down to get oily. (You have the option of purchasing oils through me – with added perks – or on your own. I’m good either way)

I don’t officially do “business coaching” – I do high level coaching for women in business. But yes, some business strategy will sneak its way in. Think of it as a bonus to the real work we’re gonna do together.
I don’t work with someone for less than 6 months. I prefer 12. I want to have enough time to witness the REAL transformation, not just the initial honeymoon phase. Authentic change takes time, yo.
I will likely piss you off at least once during our time together (and by “likely” I mean “totally will” and by “once” I mean “a handful of times”). I won’t take it personally. It’s the nature of getting out of your comfort zone. But you must be ready to get uncomfortable with me when it happens. Cuz oh yes, we’ll talk about it. Like besties do.

I don’t offer refunds, cuz I only work with women who won’t allow themselves an “out” when the work gets real or life throws a curveball at their goals – and it will. But that’s when it gets fun. I also prefer you pay-in-full upfront for two reasons: 1) to get a discount (saving money is always fun) and 2) to get your mind off your monthly payment on onto the work at hand. But payment plans are available if you need them.


I like to laugh. A lot. And I appreciate a well-placed F-bomb. As deep as I go, I’ve learned to take humor with me and not take myself, you, or any of our work too seriously. (It’s just life, after all.) I hope to impart some of that on you too.


If you’re NOT getting an “OMG yes yes yes, you’re exactly what I’ve been looking for” vibe right now, I’m probably NOT the coach for you. I want you to apply this little nugget of wisdom: If it’s not a “hell yes”, it’s a no. I’ll apply the same thing when agreeing to work with you. (Ahem, don’t let fear muddle your “hell yes” though. If you’re drawn to this like a magnet, that’s your instinct talking.)


18 Coaching Calls, 60 min each: 
We’ll schedule our calls in the first 3 weeks of the month. They’re where we’ll hone in, troubleshoot what you’ve been doing between calls, coach the snot out of it, and basically nail one challenge or task at a time to help you consistently move the needle in your business and life. Not sure where to start? I’ve got you covered there too.

1+ Week of Implementation Per Month:
The last week(ish) of every month is for catching your breath, handling your biz, implementing or catching up on what we’ve covered, processing and integrating your Aha moments, etc. And I’ll still be available for support during this time as well.

24/7 Voxer support between calls:
Voxer is like a cross between a walkie-talkie and a voicemail service, and between it and email, you can reach out 24/7 with questions, troubleshooting, to process, or even daily accountability check-ins. Think of it like a coach in your pocket!

Lifetime access to my Belief Breakthrough course ($1000 value): 
Get the entire Breakthrough Boss course, and join any or all group calls. This means learning the main Belief Breakthrough skills on your own time, so we can get more from our 1-on-1 calls. Plus you’re getting access to me for as long as I have the course. Which’ll be awhile.

Your Investment:

$6,000 for 6 months ($500 discount if paid in full)


I work by application first. This allows me to make sure I’ll be a good fit for your goals and needs.

Then we move onto a 20 min Decision Call done by phone to make sure it’s that “hell yes” for both of us. No cost; this call allows us to get to know each other, answer any lingering questions you might have, get a sense of how I might support you, and help you make the final decision during that time together.

The purpose of the Decision Call is to make a final decision together at the end. If it is a “yes”, we’ll discuss your payment options and first steps from there.


The sole purpose of a Decision Call is to give us each an opportunity to get a final assessment of whether we’re a good fit (and we’ll know it by our connection during the call) and make your final decision on whether you wish to move forward. The call generally lasts about 20-30 minutes. I’ll start by asking you any questions I have about you, your biz, or your application. Then I’ll answer any questions you have about coaching with me. And by the end of our 20 minutes, we’ll both be able to decide if it’s a “Hell yes” or not. If it is a “yes” for both of us, I then walk you through the first steps (including payment, contract, and booking first sessions). Because of this, it’s important that you have any money conversations with your partner ahead of time so you’re ready to use our call as your final decision-making time. You can book this call by filling out the application here. After submitting, you’ll be redirected to an online calendar where you can schedule right away.

I work with female entrepreneurs in various niches – authors, coaches, healthcare providers, network marketers, shop owners, and more. The common thread is their desire to make a great living while also making an impact in their own way. If you want your values to be aligned with your work, if you believe it’s possible to be healthy and wealthy (inside and out), and you know all levels of success starts with you, then let’s talk more.

Most women get the most from my coaching when they’ve been in business for 1 or more years. If you’ve been a business owner for awhile but are just beginning a NEW business and don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past, this might be a good fit. But if you’re in the first year of your first business, it’s often not. Why? Because you likely need more business coaching and strategies, and I’d prefer you invest there first. After all, 75% of our confidence comes from our skills.

That said, you’re welcome to submit an application if you feel strongly we’d be a good fit – be thorough in your answers to explain why – and I can let you know via email if I think I am the right person to support you.

I work with women for a minimum of 6 months, and preferably 12 months. It takes real time for real magic to not only happen but become your new norm, and I’m not about to hit and run. If you’re looking for quick fixes and magic bullets, we won’t be a good fit.

Well, as much as you need to invest to get the results you want. But for my detail-oriented homies: At the minimum, you’ll need to carve out time for a 60 min call in the first 3 weeks of every month (I also recommend buffer time before and after the call to prep for and process what we cover). You’ll need approx. 10 minutes before and after every call with Pre- and Post-Session Questionnaires. You’ll likely want 1-2 hours or more to implement action steps we outline together, although many of those will happen as part of your normal routines and so they won’t take extra time. Oh and you’ll want to be ready to create some healthier routines and habits in your day and generally re-arrange your daily schedule to something more conducive to the success you’re ready to achieve. 

If you haven’t done the Breakthrough Boss course, you’ll be getting access to that and will be required to complete it. So plan 2-4 hours a week there as well. 

No, but they’re highly recommended. It’s sort of like Novacaine. You CAN go without it, but why would you want to? They’ll make a large portion of what we do waaaay easier and faster by way of pattern interrupts, the power of association, and mental habit formation.

I’d love it if you did. At the minimum, I prefer you to have doTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy kit, even if you get it through a friend. But it’s 100% up to you.

Hellz to the yes. All my personal customers receive a $200 discount on your first installment or payment in full. If you’re a customer in my organization (if you’re not my personal customers but I’m in what’s called your “upline”), you receive $100 discount. Because my system can’t process this automatically, this will be manually managed through a refund.


Yes, payment plans are offered, or you can receive a discount of $500 when you pay in full. Details are discussed during the Decision Call.

I offer sessions all day Tuesdays and Thursdays, with some exceptions made if calendars conflict. Finding a perfect and consistent time is something we can discuss further on the Decision Call, which you will book directly after you submit your application.

Each session lasts 60 min and you receive 3 sessions per month with support in between. I schedule sessions in the first 3 weeks of every month and leave the last days of the month free for you to work your business, catch up on what we’re doing, process, integrate, or just rest.

Between sessions, you’ll have access to me via email or Voxer (a free app that allows for global voice or text messaging – I prefer voice so I can really hear you). I respond during normal business hours and as needed. You can use this as a way to ask questions, get quick feedback or support, have a sounding board to process through things, or send daily accountability check-ins.

After you submit your application, you’ll be directed to book a Decision Call where we’ll answer any last questions and help you make your final decision. You can read more about what to expect during the Decision Call in the FAQ at the top.

I cannot wait to hear from you and get down to the nitty gritty. We are gonna uplevel like woah and make sweet, sweet magic happen. Let’s do this.


P.S. If right now you wanna say yes – you feel that magnetic tug or maybe even feel a little teary – but you’re having all kinds of doubts and worries and (probably very logical) reasons why you shouldn’t click that application button, that’s a good sign.

If you weren’t, I’d worry you weren’t taking this gigantic step seriously.

But here’s the cool thing(s) I want you to remember: 1) Everything you want is on the other side of “comfortable”, and 2) it costs you nothing to apply now and sleep on it from there. If you wake up not feeling 100% ready to breakthrough and sure I’m the coach to help you do it, just cancel our Decision Call 24 hours in advance. No harm done. Deal?